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Sunny Gets Snubbed from Another Emmy: A Tradition Unlike Any Other!

Why We Should Give Zero Shits

I recently read an article about how Always Sunny gets snubbed every year from an Emmy. After reading it and agreeing with their points, I still didn’t give a shit. Like at all. Does it suck for them to not be recognized by their industry’s most “prestigious” award? Maybe? A little? NO! If they actually cared about that shit they would lose the edginess of the show and cater to the bullshit like other shows willingly bend over to do. But they don’t, like at all. That should tell us something about where they are with not winning an Emmy.

So if you are a fan sitting there getting mad online, tweeting out threads about how it is a travesty that they don’t win an Emmy, please stop. You’re making us look bad. If you want to see Always Sunny during the Emmy’s, don’t sit there and watch 4 John Legend performances getting more and more pissed off about them not being there, get Netflix cookin’, go to recently watch, click IASIP, then seasons, click on 1 and watch Charlie dominate in dominos while not being racist at all!


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  1. It is because of the “implication”!
    And the most important recognition is the one from the public, the viewers.

  2. ya but those awards don’t really represent the public or even quality. it’s just a giant circle jerk and crying to be a part of it only legitimizes it further.

  3. Emmy’s are handed out to shows that campaign hard for the recognition. Winning shows purchase those awards. Clearly Sunny doesn’t care, and why should they? We all know what the funniest show on TV really is.

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