The Gang Gets Dined and Dashed On!

Mac and Dee are Married and Own a Bar Together???

So as you may or not know, Mac actually owns a bar in Philly other than Paddy’s. It is very originally named Mac’s Tavern and he co-owns it with a Human Ostrich named Dee.

Well, on Friday some GODDAMN assholes dined and dashed!

Fat Mac

How do we know this…? Well, Mac’s Tavern employees lit these bitches up by posting pics of the assailants on social media.

These Jabronies clearly don’t know who they are messin’ with! Not only is Mac trained in Kung Fu/Karate and is usually jacked up on FIGHTMILK, but Always Sunny fans are everywhere. We are like Drunk Illuminati with ADHD and we run shit. Good luck asshats.

Here are the pics so you can recognize the assailants and citizens arrest the shit out of them!

I, for one, would never dine and dash. I hate people who do it and would never associate with anyone who would do it. Its so low down and trashy. Like, how does one even get in a situation where the best course of action is to just leave and not pay for a meal. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!


So, we are all on the same page that we would and have done this shit right? I mean who hasn’t had 7 mimosas, not enough money, and GTFO?


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