The Gang Yelling at Dee…Stupid Bird Can’t Talk Right

There aren’t a lot of guarantees in life, but “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” delivers at least two regularly: no one ever tries all that hard to be a good person deep inside, at least for more than few minutes at a stretch, and that ‘Sweet Dee’ Reynolds will be called something definitely unsweetened least once every episode.

The sassy and lanky bartender at Paddy’s played so wonderfully by Kaitlin Olson has taken plenty of abuse over the FXX show’s 12 seasons.


But where other, weaker characters would start probably crying, or perhaps, you know, find another job and better friends, Dee simply throws back another drink and keeps on keeping on in spite of the constant name-calling from strangers, friends and even family, not to mention atrocious stage fright, plus paralyzing insecurities and those size 13 feet.

She’s been called a bitch and/or a whore so often that the names have almost become afterthoughts when the rest of the Gang talks to her or about her. Are they really using these terms of love and affection, in a spirit of humor and mutual respect? Will she ever have a car that’s not stolen? (No to both, if you’re not up on your Paddy’s lore).

Smell Bitch

For those who want to recall favorite past name-calling and maybe even a couple of winners you missed the first time around, check out this montage of more than 8 solid minutes of zingers and antics.

If anything, it will make you glad show creator Rob McElhenney decided to abandon his original plan to have Dee be “the voice of reason” and the only sane one in the bunch.

While there are plenty of fine compilations out there of Dee at her best (or maybe her worst?) this one nicely shows how everyone around her routinely responds so critically and also does so quite naturally.

You’ll be reminded of her dreams of stardom and stand-up comedy that both went bad, and how easy it is for her to be left behind on road trips.

There’s her being accused of doing something she wasn’t part of, being brought into conversations and conspiracies she wasn’t paying attention to, and being told by her brother that he planned to kill and possibly skin her.

Gangly Dee

Overall, it makes you wonder how the Gang would work without someone like Dee to take the abuse. Would they be forced to turn on each other? (They already kind of do.)

She is able to take whatever comes her way well, from a chair to being in a confined space to plenty of slings and arrows. She may not make lemonade out of those lemons constantly hurled at her, but squirrels them away for future use. You never know…

For those who can’t get enough of Dee and the rest of the Gang, Season 13 is expected to premiere in the second half of 2018. In the meantime, Kaitlin Olson stars in “The Mick” on FOX.


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