The Top 25 Rated Episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia are…

All the episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia are awesome, but which are the most awesome?

IMDb, the “world’s most popular and authoritative source” for TV content, has an episode rating list for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia that I found pretty interesting.

Thousands of Sunny fans (Sunny Superfans?) have rated all the episodes through the first 12 seasons of IASIP and the resulting list of the top rated episodes is pretty cool.

Here is the top 25 rated episodes:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episode Ratings

The Highest Rated It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episode

It is not really a surprise to me that the highest rated episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is Charlie Work. Charlie Work was a great episode and definitely my favorite.

Charlie Work Episode

The episode is centered around Charlie (who is the favorite character of most fans) and is just a really awesome episode.

The #2 episode, The Nightman Cometh, also is not really a surprise to me because it’s my #2 favorite episode as well.

The Nightman Cometh

However, I think my #3 is probably Hero or Hate Crime? from season 12 with A Very Sunny Christmas following closely behind.

A Very Sunny Christmas

How does this list compare to your list of favorite Sunny episodes? Post yours in the comments below.

Check out Charlie’s top 5 favorite episodes too!


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  1. Charlie Work #1 👍🏻😎
    Personally I wouldn’t be able to rank them all, so many are so good! Love the show, keep up the “good” work 😂

  2. The Gang Gives Frank and Intervention is my all time favorite. I’m honestly surprised that it’s not in the list. I know several people who would agree with me.

  3. These are the ones that most people have voted on. Not the best 25. But Charlie Work is by far the best episode, I absolutely agree

  4. My personal top 10:

    1- The Gang Beats Boggs
    1A- The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis
    3- The ANTI-Social Network
    4- The Gang Dances Their Asses Off
    5- Hero or Hate Crime?
    6- The Gang Hits the Slope (because Ski School is awesome)
    7- Mac and Charlie Die Pt. 1
    8- Mac’s Banging the Waitress
    9- Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack
    10- Charlie Rules the World

    ….but they are all so amazing.

  5. 1. The Waitress is Getting Married
    2. Mac Fights Gay Marriage
    3. The Gang Gets Invincible
    4. CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games
    5. The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award
    Honorable Mention- Paddy’s Pub: The Home of the Original Kitten Mitten, DENNIS System

    Still like the list, because you really can’t go wrong.

  6. its an ok list, i just can’t believe the gang hits the road isnt even on here, thats my #1 followed closely by mac and dennis move to suburbs

  7. Flowers for Charlie. Very underrated

    Glad to see …Desperately Tries to Win an Award as well. The song from Charlie at the end was classic.

  8. Really?!?! No ones mentioning The Gang Gets Analyzed? Or The Gang Gives Back? Perhaps McPoyal vs Ponderosa: Trial of the Century? You also got Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties, Franks Pretty Woman, Gang Goes on Family Fight, The Gang Broke Dee, Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare, The Gang Squashes Their Beefs, The Gang Recycles Their Trash, Reynolds vs Reynolds: The Cereal Denfense, The Gang Gets Trapped, Storm of the Century, The Highschool Reunion/The Gang’s Revenge, The Gang Wrestles for the Troops, World Series Denfense, The Waitress Is Getting Married, MAC and Dennis Break Up, etc etc etc.

    I mean truly, this is just one of those shows, that if someone’s asks me to pick a favorite episode or make a list, I can’t. It’s impossible, theyre all so good, and it also matters what I’m in the mood for digesting. Do I want an centered on a certain characters antics, or the gang, as a whole. Or perhaps I want to see a certain recurring character. Idk another tv series that is so good at creating such interesting/funny supporting characters. Really, any episodes with the McPoyals, Bill Ponderosa, Ben the Soldier, The “Jew” Lawyer , and especially “The Maniac” are some of, if not, their bests!

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