27 Questions for The Waitress

I also really love it when people scream WAITRESS! at me in public places.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis, the Waitress on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Charlie Day’s wife in real life, recently did an “AMA” or “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit.

During an AMA, the Reddit community has an opportunity to ask a celebrity or whoever is participating in the AMA, any question they want. Mary Elizabeth Ellis shared some hilarious insight into It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia so we thought we’d summarize some of our favorite questions and answers.

What is your best Danny Devito story?

Oh gosh!
I mean, I feel like I kind of told it with the getting into character right before. I could go into it a little further, but it’s the first time I really had an interaction with Danny other than just “hello.”
We’re backstage, offstage, getting ready to walk into the scene, and the scene is that I just banged him to make Dennis jealous.
And I’m like, you know, I look at Danny and I’m like “Hi, incredible actor I’ve looked up to forever.”
And he starts moan-growling at me, like GRarrrr, rarr, rarrr with eyebrows raising.
And it was so confusing… and weird… and funny… that I, I, I just had to laugh and then pull it together so I could cry and yell at Dennis, as a call to action.

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Do you have a name in mind for the Waitress?

I don’t.
I used to fantasize about one day getting a name.
But it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen.
I also really love it when people scream “WAITRESS!” at me in public places.

What is something that you or the other cast members don’t like about fan interactions. Like some actors don’t like when fans quote their lines over and over.

I think that one thing that our cast has, that we all pretty much have, that I think we learn from watching Danny? Because he is such an old professional. Is that we all REALLY appreciate our fans. I think also because our fan base started kind of small, and grew over time, I think that people still feel like they’re part of a small club when they’re fans of our show? And we always appreciate when people appreciate the work that we’re doing.
So I think we all pretty much like it when fans come up and talk to us.
I think the only thing that gets shitty is if your kids ever get involved. You know? Like people just want privacy for our kids, because they didn’t choose to do this. But for the most part, it’s fun.
But if someone screams “WAITRESS!” at me, there’s not much I can do besides smile back.
Like, doing a waitress-type thing? I don’t know what that would be.


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