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The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell Is the Worst Episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

You think this father and son are sleeping on the same bearskin together?

Let me begin by saying I know there is going to be some debate about the subject of this article. I’m aware that it’s a touchy subject.

However, we need to address it.

Before I continue, can we discuss this stupid painting?

We got to suffer just because some old dude who looks like Meryl Streep chopped down a cherry tree, like, ten million years ago?

Let's take it down

Alright, now that we’ve sorted out that issue, let’s discuss this episode.

Time out. I’m watching the episode right now. This episode is awesome! What is wrong with you people?

  • Colonel Cricket.
  • Dee the witch.
  • Frank and Charlie and their god damn furs and pumpkin?
  • Dennis and Macdonald with their ridiculousness.

This episode is awesome. Worst episode ever? Come on guys.

Dennis and Macdonald

Frank and Dee with gun

This is so epic. Charlie spitting in Cricket’s face. Mac and his teeth. God damn it. I thought I had found the worst episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and I’m enjoying this way too much.

You guys comment below with what episode you think is worst and why.


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  1. It’s tied with Shadynasty’s as the worst episode. Reason being is that it just interrupts the flow of the Gang and their mischief. I also don’t like the bank robber fantasy one either for the same reason.

    • Convenience store robbery, sry but your lack of knowledge nulls your comment. And i find your lack of faith disturbing.

  2. hi my name is buddy roy and I’m one-hundred-percent Navajo and this is my favorite show ever Always Sunny in Philadelphia I love the part where frank says how much land will you give away for a pumpkin it had me laughing for the first time I watched it! I laughed for hours! this is my favorite part it was so f****** funny

  3. The worst episode is clearly “A Crickets Tale”.

    Not only is it not particularly funny, it also kind of ruins Cricket. Part of why we love him is that life (the gang) hands him lemons all the time – in this episode we learn that he has all the support in the world – he just doesn’t use it? He would rather let a dog make love to his neck rather than get a job at his dad’s place? Come on!

  4. Probably my most skippable episode is when Dee and Dennis’ mum (mom) dies and they try to get her money. The Dee and Frank storyline I didn’t like, especially with the dude who plays the twins’ biological father. Ew gross. The saving grace is the flyer the boys hand out to make more friends.. nothing sexual.

  5. Personally, being a superfan, my least favorite episode is probably the gang turns black.. I’m just not into musicals at all… Except “The Dayman Cometh” that one is epic af.

  6. This has got to be a joke. The gang goes to the jersey shore and a few episodes in that season are far more mediocre than this one. They don’t really have bad episodes, but this is one of my favorites, not the worst one.

  7. How can you guys hate on Shadynasty or the Gang turns black? Those are masterpieces. The worst has to be one of the season 1 episodes like Gun Fever.

    • I can’t let this stand. That speach Artimis gives at the end is freaking gold the look Dennis gives when he’s pooping Frank covering his poop like a dog the nah I did em I did em all this episode is great

  8. Frank’s Brother is pretty poor. I’d say it was the worst episode by a long long way.

    The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell is funny for a bunch of stuff like Mac’s wooden teeth and Dennis’s hilarious attempts to act unsuspicious, but generally not as good as other episodes especially of that era.

    I liked ‘A Cricket’s Tale’ – surely we already knew Cricket could have ‘chosen’ to fall back on the support of the church and family? The whole point is that his bitterness is so all consuming that he can’t bring himself to do it.

    The gang turns black isn’t great, mainly because like most right-thinking people, I hate musical episodes. I also wasn’t a fan of the episode when Frank went all Warhol… but not because of Cricket. The whole premise wasn’t very good.

    I can’t believe someone has suggested the Jersey Shore episode! One of the GOAT episodes. The hair rip, the tramps, the sunscreen, rum ham, the GUIDOOOOOS, the montage at the end. You’d have to be utterly insane not to like that episode.

  9. Probably “The Gang Goes on Family Fight”. Not a bad episode, I don’t think I can call any of them bad, but the gang works best when they’re dynamic and having them behind a podium the whole time was a bit too static. Plus, some of the major punchlines were really predictable.

  10. Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties or Sweet Dee Gets Audited. They have some fun threads in them but overall the only episodes I ever feel like skipping.

  11. Yea, I am leaning towards Frank’s brother as the “least best” and that’s the lesson we can all take away! There are no bad episodes! there are only ones that are not as good as others

  12. If you include series 13 I’d have to say the all women one, not that they’re not funny but be honest, you’re watching this show for Charlie, Mac and Dennis. Think I actually did a small outloud cheer when Frank appeared, that’s how little I cared about what the women were up to.

    • No, YOU’RE watching the show for Charlie, Mac, and Dennis. I’m definitely watching it for Dee and Frank just as much. Actually, my rankings have always on who was the funniest have always varied from season, but Dee has usually made the top three. Mac? Up until recently I would consistently be asking, “Who watches the show for Mac?” He’s still the least funny when all is said and done.

  13. I actually think this is one of my favorite episodes. The worst episodes are the clip show and Charlie’s Home Alone. The clip show had one decent gag – the Seinfeld bit. But because I’d already seen it on YouTube, the episode held no surprises for me.

    Charlie’s Home Alone was absolute garbage. It was so bad, I actually hope they fire those two writers. It was just dead boring and predictable. Reference humor? Look… just like the movie. Ha ha. That’s lowest common denominator shit right there. And then to follow it up with predictable sight gags. Haha… he has to drink yellow. Whoops. He dropped the beer. Guess he’ll have to drink pee next, right? Yup. He’s drinking pee. Yawn. Fire those two writers. It was their first episode. Make it their last.

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