• Letters to Dennis: the People Want Their Golden God Back

    Here at It’s Always, your leader in all things Sunny and GODDAMNIT’s, we receive quite a few messages, emails, and DM’s from fans. Many of these fans do not understand that we are a fan site and actually think we are affiliated with the show. In some cases, fans think that the site is a […] More

  • Hot

    Charlie Day Has Just 18 Words For Louis CK And His Movie ‘I Love You, Daddy’

    If you’re looking forward to seeing Charlie Day star in “I Love You, Daddy” alongside Louis C.K., you going to be disappointed. The actor cut ties with the film after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced about the movie’s writer and co-star Louis C.K. Day made his feelings clear in a recent interview with L.A Times. Strong […] More

  • Mac and Dee Selling House


    Breaking Implications: Mac and Dee Selling Their LA Home

    So Mac and Dee are selling their home in LA and the implications are giving me a GODDAMN headache, because you know…the IMPLICATION. Apparently, they are trying to sell their Sherman Oaks (no fuckin’ clue where that is) home for for $2,675,000. Folks, thats a lot of dough! Apparently this joint has over 4k square […] More

  • Danny DeVito Birthday

    I Deserve a Danny DeVito Cutout Because…

    It’s Danny DeVito’s birthday and I did a contest to see which fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia wanted a Danny DeVito cutout most. I received over 100 emails. It was a really tough decision to choose just two. Here are the two winners along with quite a few other emails I received. I […] More

  • Danny DeVito Birthday

    It’s Danny Devito’s Birthday and I Want to Give You All Presents!

    There are few people on this Earth that I like more than Danny DeVito. I like him so much that I have his birthday saved in my phone. This morning, I got an alert reminding me it’s time to celebrate his 73 years of existence. That’s right, today is Danny DeVito’s 73rd birthday and I want […] More

  • Bill

    I Have a Confession to Make and It Is Pretty Bad

    I have not watched the latest season….. Please stop looking at me like this! Now I could give you all these excuses like how grad school is hard or that I was busy getting married…but I won’t do that. I shit the bed (it was Frank). I was a bad fan. Hand Up! That’s on […] More

  • Charlie Kelly with Long Hair

    Charlie Day with Long Hair is WEIRD

    Charlie Day was one of many celebrities to post awkward pre-teen photos of themselves on social media last week for the PuberMe Challenge started by Stephen Colbert and actor Nick Kroll. They’re using the campaign as a platform to raise awareness and money for Puerto Rico. There were a ton of awesome and hilarious photos posted by tons […] More


    Breaking News! The DENNIS System Proven to Be a Viable Dating Technique Once Again

    A few months ago, I showed all you peasants how Jon Snow used the D.E.N.N.I.S. System to lose his virginity by banging the wildling Eigrrieette (see you in the comments nerds) in a sexual hot spring infested cave north of the wall. Many people were saying “Wow I never noticed that. You’re a Genius Nick!” […] More

  • Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad

    Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad and We Find Out Charlie’s Dad

    One sec guys. I’ll start the article in a second. First, I’m trying to revamp my MySpace page… Looking back at this season 2 episode from August 17, 2006, I’m thoroughly enjoying all the old stuff. MySpace, the old computer, Frank and Charlie, and so much more. Frank finding out he’s not Dennis and Dee’s […] More

  • Gangly Dee

    The Gang Yelling at Dee…Stupid Bird Can’t Talk Right

    There aren’t a lot of guarantees in life, but “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” delivers at least two regularly: no one ever tries all that hard to be a good person deep inside, at least for more than few minutes at a stretch, and that ‘Sweet Dee’ Reynolds will be called something definitely unsweetened least […] More

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