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    Dayman Piano Tutorial: How to Peak at Parties or Fancy Malls

    Dayman on Piano

    I don’t know how to play the piano. Used to play the trumpet in middle school before I realized I wouldn’t be able to see any boobies in high school playing in the band, no matter how many sports I played. Even if I did continue to play an instrument, I would never play the piano…I’m not a NERD!

    Charlie Kelly singing

    However, as I have aged (well I might add…I haven’t even begun to peak), I realize that being able to play the piano is actually kinda cool. Just watch any YouTube video of John Legend playing random ass pianos in England…shit is awesome and draws a crowd.

    Now, none of us are going to pull a thousand Brits to come watch us play a piano like John Legend, shit most of us can’t even play the piano. But think about how cool it would be if we could just know how to play one song that will get the people going!

    So when you’re at a party that has a piano or you want to play that piano at those fancy clothes stores with the sign that says “DON’T PLAY” you can walk up to that GODDAMN piano and play it like you are about to peak all over everyone because you are a 5 STAR MAN (or woman).

    Dennis Reynolds is insane

    Well that one song can be our all time favorite, Dayman! Watch this video and play the piano like a Beautiful, Beautiful gazelle person. Impress your friends, who I’m assuming are IASIP fans (they should be) and maybe, just maybe, score yourself a waitress. Maybe you’ll get to see some boobies (or pectorals)!

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    Who said it? Season 1

    Season 1 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    How well do you know season 1 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? Take our 10 question quiz below and find out if you’re a real Sunny fan or not.

    Beware: we will identify you as a dum-dum if you are one.

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    11 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Tattoos You Need to See

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Tattoos

    With 12 seasons in the books, you crazy ass fans have come up with some epic It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia inspired tattoos! Some are works of art and some are simple and to the point. All of them are badass and all of us true fans will appreciate them.

    #1 – Is this a page from a coloring book?

    This is one of my favorites because only IASIP fans will get this.  Everyone else will be confused as shit, but maybe you shouldn’t be friends with people who don’t watch the show…just saying.

    #2 – Charlie Kelly Loves Cats

    This tattoo might be the closest to resembling Charlie’s actual face than any tat of Charlie I have seen. From the shading of his face to the facial hair, this tat is perfect!

    #3 – Dee, You Goddamn Bird!

    This is another one where if you aren’t a fan, you will never get this. I wonder how often these people have to explain their tats to people. This one especially would be a fun one to explain.

    #4 – The Trash Man

    Everyone’s favorite 4’11 wrestler, who isn’t above seeking shelter in a dumpster, throwing his baby in a dumpster, or slicing Crickets jugular with a trash can. Again, this artist nailed the face. Awesome tat!

    #5 – Frank the Troll

    This person won’t have to pay any tolls to get into any holes anytime soon. Add this to the list of hard to explain tattoos.

    #6 – You Know…Because of the Implication

    This is one of the better Dennis tattoos I’ve seen as far as getting this face right. Oh and because of the implication.

    #7 – The Implication: Part 2

    Now this is straight art! This one is for sure in the running for my favorite Always Sunny tats. It’s comical and whimsical but I love it!

    #8 – Simplicity at its Finest

    This tattoo is perfect for someone who really wants a tat but doesn’t want something too crazy and is afraid of needles. You could hide this one somewhere pretty well too.

    #9 – Bird Law

    If I was a lawyer I would have no choice but to get this tattoo. Hopefully I wouldn’t be a bird law expert like Charlie, but I might dabble in some bird law cases.

    #10 – RUM HAM

    Eating your drinks? That is genius!  Big fan of the color on this one. I have a feeling there are a few rum ham tats out there in the world and this might be the best one.

    #11 – Pepe Silvia

    CAROLLLLLLLLL!!!!  This one might be my favorite because the Pepe Silvia episode was top 5 all time and because of how intricate this tattoo is. Someone put a whole lot of thought into this one and I applaud that.

    Check out these awesome It’s Always Sunny tattoos too!

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    Charlie…A Gift from the Gif Gods

    Charlie Kelly gifs

    One of my favorite things about Charlie Kelly is that he provides me with a gif for literally any situation I run into in life. Here are some of my most used Charlie gifs that I will text or tweet. I’m sure you guys have used them too. I’ll also throw in some other Gifs that I just find hilarious, because why not.

    This is my number one! My all time favorite. Its got everything you need in a Charlie gif, famous black horse shirt, crazy looking face, and pure rabid excitement. “Hey man, you wanna grab some beers?”…Send this gif. “I’ll grab some Chick-fil-A for us on the way home”…Perfect time for this gif.  “I’m off my period”…Yep…Send it! “Well I just took the test and I’m NOT pregnant.”…Send it as you emulate Charlie.

    A new favorite of mine as of late. It works in a variety of situations as well. “Bro did you take a shit before you left the apartment?” “Babe did you remember to grab condoms? You know now I feel about not using them.” “Did you see what Trump just tweeted?”

    This gif comes from one of my favorite episodes and my favorite scenes from the episode. Charlie all hopped up on steroids/testosterone will always be hilarious. “Is it cool if my ex-boyfriend comes to the party tonight?” “I accidentally smoked the rest of the bud last night”

    I mean if you have a significant other that is cool, you could use this one in a myriad of sexual situations. Other than that I’m sure it would still work for your casual psychopathic conversations.  “Hey you still have that chainsaw?” “So I’m on a date with this guy and he seems like a serial killer.”  “You want to carve the turkey?”

    Obvious use of this one. Can be used for anything that makes you sad. “Did you hear that Glenn might not come back to the show? I heard they might not come back and if they do it might not be until Oct 18.”

    This is one is simple and to the point and perfect for your everyday responses. “I’ll bring the beer.”  “I got the tickets.” “You still down to go to the strip club tonight?”

    Another all time favorite! This one can be used for a lot of fashion questions you might get. “Hey you know what you’re going to wear tonight?” “Is it warm enough for shorts?” “Are Jorts in or out?”

    Here are just a bunch of other hilarious Charlie gifs because I’ve gone down the rabbit hole.

    And of course…

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    Frank’s Official Rum Ham Recipe

    Frank Rum Ham Recipe

    There are several different rum ham recipes created by the fan base of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but did you know that Frank released his own official rum ham recipe? You can find it in the book written by the Gang themselves, The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today.

    Frank starts off by stating, “I used to buy my hams prerummed, but that was before I realized I could make my own quickly, easily, and just about anywhere.”

    Frank Rum Ham

    Rum Ham Ingredients

    • 1 10-pound canned ham
    • 1 hunting knife
    • 3 1-liter bottles of rum
    • 1 handgun
    • 1 box handgun ammo
    • 1 bunch of italian parsley

    Frank advises to get some cheap rum for this recipe, as for it’s going to be cooked into the ham and you shouldn’t be able to taste it afterward, otherwise “you did the rumming wrong”. He also advises that by saving money buying the cheap rum you can buy some condoms with it. He recommends getting an Irish ham because “those crafty micks brine that pink gold to perfection”.

    And as for the gun, Frank prefers a Smith & Wesson Model 19 snub-nose.

    Mac Rum Ham

    Directions for making a Rum Ham

    1. De-can ham (for instructions, see back of can).
    2. Using the hunting knife, carve a hole in the top of the ham wide enough to hold the mouth of a rum bottle.
    3. Open first rum bottle and upend it into your ham hole. If you made your hole deep enough, it should stand up there on it’s own.
    4. Load gun.
    5. Open second rum bottle and upend it into your ham hole (the one in your face this time). As the liquid flows into your mouth, swallow at regular intervals.
    6. Repeat step five until bottle is empty.
    7. Open third bottle of rum and repeat step six.
    8. Remove safety from handgun.
    9. Wait for ham pirates.
    10. Shoot ham pirates.
    11. Reload gun.
    12. Repeat steps eight through eleven until rum has been fully absorbed into ham, usually about twelve hours.
    13. Garnish with parsley and serve.

    Personally, I don’t think I have the balls to follow this recipe. But for those of you who yearn to be as badass as Frank, this recipe is perfect for you.

    You may also want to try our milk steak with jelly beans recipe!

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    Fat Mac Has a Point, But Do Characters Really Get Better Looking?

    Fat Mac

    I miss fat Mac, I miss him so GOD DAMN much! But that is a shit ton of calories. We’re talking like olympic swimmer amount of calories. Offensive Linemen for the Eagles eat less than Fat Mac did and they are all like 6’7” 320lbs. I guess we are just lucky that Rob didn’t have a grabber at any point during the Fat Mac stage of his life.

    Fat Mac Eating Ice Cream

    I do love his point about characters on shows getting better looking over time. Lets take a look at that.

    First up Elaine Benes

    DAYYYYYUM Elaine! Can’t believe she ended up becoming VEEP. Thats wild!

    Dr. Ross…You salt and pepper haired God!

    I mean 20 years later he’s still looking good and with a new career. A Doctor turned Astronaut? Thats how you get women folks.

    Charlie Kelly…Our Alpha…and Omega…Our Giver of Light…

    Has Charlie changed much? I don’t know you tell me. Is being a bird law expert naked in bed with the waitress enough to prove how hot he’s gotten over the years? I rest my case!

    Lizzy? Is that you?

    I have no idea what Lizzie is up to these days….Ok stop. Was this whole exercise just a thinly veiled attempt to be able to look up and post the new hot on the streets Hillary Duff photos of her big ass? Yes. There I admitted it ok. There’s a lot of booty and nostalgia wrapped up in this one for me and I refuse to pass up a shot…i’m not Lebron.

    Point is, yes Mac has a point. Characters usually age perfectly. I would argue most of the Always Sunny cast has as well. Well, except for maybe Frank…too many naked sewer adventures looking for coins and rings.

    Frank gif

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    Glenn Howerton Does an AMA and Answers Your Biggest Questions

    Glenn Howerton AMA

    A few hours ago, our beloved Glenn Howerton (Dennis) posted 3 of my favorite letters on Twitter…

    AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, which is exactly what It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans did. Here are 6 of my favorite questions and answers.

    The Waitress is Nikki Potnik. Yay or nay?

    The Waitress’ name is NOT Nikki Potnik. She does have a name, we’ve just never revealed it.

    This guy is obviously not a reader of this blog or he would already know that Glenn already said that the Waitress’ name is not Nikki Potnik.

    when will u make a public instagram. it’s time.


    I’m looking forward to following Glenn on Instagram. Charlie got an Instagram and he posts some awesome stuff.

    has charlie always been a musical prodigy?

    Charlie Day definitely has.

    The Waitress, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, actually answered this in her AMA on Reddit too.

    Charlie Kelly singing

    Would you do a Sunny movie?

    Someday yes

    Oh my god. This is amazing news. Since season 13 is delayed, this is something that has been discussed on our social media pages. It would be awesome to see a Sunny movie in the future!

    What’s the funniest thing charlie day has ever done?

    One of my fav improvs he did in The Gang Recycles s. 8. It’s in the bloopers when he says “I don’t think he gets us, man.”

    Haha, this was a fantastic question and I love the answer. You can check out the bloopers from season 8 on our It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia bloopers page.

    The Gang Recycles

    What was your hardest episode to film?

    The Gang Turns Black was very complicated to write and to produce.

    The Gang Turns Black was an interesting episode. It wasn’t my favorite from season 12, but I can definitely see that it would have been hard to produce. Check out our behind the scenes look to the episode here.

    You can find all the questions and answers that Glenn answered on his Twitter here. Enjoy!

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    The Evolution (Or Devolution) Of Rickety Cricket

    The Gang Screws Up Rickety Cricket

    Preist, Street Urchin, Kettle Drum Player, Street Rat, and so much more.

    Cricket’s story arc might be the most complex and extreme of any character on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. He is one poor soul with so many ailments and looks that it deserves to be looked at again.

    It all started quite Godly…

    Cricket began his Always Sunny journey as young handsome Priest before that GODDAMN BIRD twisted him and whispered sweet nothings in his ear while in the confessional.

    We next see Cricket the Street Urchin. Living on the streets for the first time, Cricket falls for Dee once again and agrees to help her and Charlie score some coke. This clearly ended horribly and lead to another version of Cricket.

    Cricket the Kettle Drum Player arose in a failed attempt to get Charlie and Dee some cocaine. Instead of giving Dee and Charlie the coke, Cricket instead took it for himself and became lost in making it “sexy” with the “kettle drums” that take the form of trash cans. Because if you don’t make it sexy, you don’t eat apparently. Never forget “HIPS AND NIPS!” Unfortunately Cricket, in a classic mix up, got mixed up with the mafia and came away from it with broken legs, but not a broken spirit.

    Cricket might be a lot of things, but a quitter is not one of them.

    Cricket the Bionic Dancer!  In an ultimate test of resilience, Cricket puts on some bionic legs and attempts to dance his ass off with the Waitress to win the bar.  However, within 3 seconds of a dance off with Mac, Crickets technology fails him and he is forced to take up arms with Frank, which never ends well.

    All healed up, Cricket becomes the Street Rat. He’s not looking great and is rocking a goatee, but he still looks decently healthy. Once again fooled by a promise of a Bird date, Cricket becomes a hunted man.  Mac and Dennis hunt Cricket all over Philly where they witness all of the Street Rat skills that Cricket has picked up.

    This adaptation of Cricket starts off promising! This is Cleaned Up Cricket.  We see the Street Rat with a new hair cut and clean clothes.  This was all short lived…

    Enter Terrorist Cricket!  This sand tossing, dirty wrestling Cricket has some immediate success but is ultimately foiled by “Trash Man” Frank’s alter ego in the ring. Cricket is left on the stage bleeding out from the jugular after Frank clips him with a trash can. Would this be enough to end a former man of God turned Street Rat?

    Shit no! Cricket takes hits like a college stoner…both figuratively and literally. Conned once again, Cricket agrees to come on the Gang’s new radio show for some chicken, however when he gets there he is given lemons instead.  Beggars can’t be choosers you Street Rat! With his neck healed after being infected, Cricket now has a raspy voice and a wound that is very sexually appealing to street dogs. So lets call this Radio Voice Cricket. But hey, at least he hasn’t been shot yet!

    Shit! Spoke too soon. Bunker Cricket is found in Frank’s storm bunker and as he is rustling around in the dark ends up being shot in the hand by, who else, Frank. A hand wound would never kill the Cricket however.

    Holy shit! Cricket some how became some kind of mix between Priest Cricket and Cleaned Up Cricket again. Or did he? Cleaned up and a priest again, Cricket shows up to the class reunion giving people hugs and blessings. But, as the old saying goes, “once a street rat, always a street rat”, Cricket has actually been stealing everyones shit. When caught by other classmates, it is revealed that Cricket is not only still very much a street rat, but also has Ringworm! How pleasant.

    Remember the whole dogs being sexually attracted to Crickets wound thing?

    Cricket becomes a Dog Catcher! Sweet revenge for Cricket! After revealing that his new scar over his eye was due to a recent skirmish w/ a stray chocolate lab, Cricket tells the Gang that he catches and puts down dogs. Later, we find out that actually Cricket just cleans up dog shit. So really Cricket is a “Dog Janitor”

    Jedi Cricket! Turns out Cricket wears a Jedi cloak to hide his half burned face from a thanksgiving get together that the Gang has no recollection of him being present for.

    Kurt Cobain Cricket! This version of Cricket looks pretty terrible but still gets drawn by Charlie like one of his french girls. Cricket’s explanation of the painting of him creeps everyone out, obviously, because its about him being in a dog orgy.

    I don’t want to do any season 12 Spoilers, so I will just leave you a couple pictures of the latest Cricket incarnations and let the people who haven’t see the latest season make up their own story until they watch.


    WOW! Could this be IN LOVE Cricket! Who knows? You will have to watch.

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    No Earlier Than October 2018…Pass Me The Spray Paint!

    Since the all the rumors started flowing about Glenn leaving the show, season 13 has been in a sort of limbo. Apparently, Glenn is wanting to do something different. With his new show with Patton Oswald (who has become my new biggest enemy, move aside Lawyer) this gives him an opportunity to do something else.

    Charlie spray paint

    Think of it as a stale marriage that just needs a little weird sex in a Denny’s bathroom to spice it up a little bit. AP Bio might be just the Denny’s bathroom sex that Glenn needs to come back and make sweet passionate comedic love to our brains!

    A beautiful gazelle person

    The shitty part is we will have to wait forever for the next season. However, if it takes until at least October 2018 for Glenn to do this side piece show and come back to us, I’ll be happy to wait. Just come home Glenn, come home.

    Think of it as time for us all to re-watch the show for the 284th time.

    Dennis Reynolds is insane