• Charlie Day Selena Gomez

    Conor McGregor + Selena Gomez + Charlie Kelly = Lets Get Weird!

    Turns out Charlie really is a pretty sweet deal! Yesterday, he posted on Instagram and the post has a couple different levels of intrigue. First here is the post… HILARIOUS! Conor is clearly channeling his inner happy ass Charlie and GODDAMNIT…it’s awesome! I’m a big McGregor guy (spoiler: I’m Irish) and now that he’s doing […]

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    BREAKING NEWS! The Gang is Coming Back!

    Winter is Coming…Shit…DENNIS…IS COMING BACK! I can hardly contain my boyish glee. I’ve already thrown all my spray paint cans and glue away. Tried to wash my huffin’ sock but it didn’t clean up, so I threw that shit out too. No need for them. This all stems from two interviews that the gang have […]

  • DO YOU LIKE BEER? Always Sunny Inspired Beers From Odd Side Ales

    Always Sunny inspired beers…are you serious dude? I’m very ok with it. Odd Side Ales has come out with some Always Sunny inspired beers and they might take the fan base by storm. I have already made a trip to the local liquor store to see how I can get this where I’m at. I […]

  • Glenn Howerton


    Glenn Howerton: The Greatest Actor of this Generation

    It’s very hard to argue who the funniest character in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is. Everyone has their favorites between Charlie, Mac, Frank, Dennis, and Dee. Most people you ask will say Charlie or Frank, followed by Dennis, Mac, and Dee (Kaitlyn Olson truly doesn’t get enough credit for Dee, see “insert episode”). You […]

  • The Russian Version of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


    The Russian Version of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    It seems our favorite shit storm of a comedy show has spread well far past their home of Philadelphia. In May of 2014, the Russian adaption of our favorite show titled В Москве всегда солнечно (It’s Always Sunny in Moscow) was released in Russia with 16 episodes. The show is basically a near shot-for-shot of Always Sunny, which is […]

  • Jon Snow DENNIS System

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    Jon Snow Practices the D.E.N.N.I.S System

    If you haven’t tried the DENNIS System yet, what the hell is taking you so long? Try it out, whether you’re a dude, chick, or other/all of the above you should give it a shot. Just don’t be a sick and twisted, most likely a serial killer, piece of shit like Dennis. Many people are […]

  • You Better Call Charlie: Classic Case of Bird Law

    Marty Duram, 45, was found shot to death in his Michigan home in 2015.” “Duram had been shot five times. His wife had been shot in the head. She claimed to remember nothing about the shootings.” -Inside Edition Just your standard, everyday attempted double homicide. Luckily the wife survived. Nothing too crazy right? WRONG! I […]

  • Danny DeVito Voice

    Danny DeVito to Voice Detective Pikachu?

    Last year, the lovely fans of Always Sunny started a petition on change.org for our beloved Danny DeVito to voice the English version of Great Detective Pikachu, a game launched by Nintendo for the 3DS. Fans wanted it but not only because it would be simply hilarious, but also because a lot of people genuinely believed […]