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  • Charlie Says No To Bella

    Charlie and The Waitress Forever: Charlie Says No Thanks to Bella Thorne

    As we all know, Charlie is a hunk of Ghoul loving, Milksteak eating, Rat bashing, man meat! From his high pitch, angelic voice to the way his booty looks while doing his famous “Butt Dance”, Charlie is quite the catch. Recently Charlie has gained a new member of the Wild Card Club (not sure if […]

  • The Gang Says God Dammit


    The Gang Says God Dammit

    The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang are known to be a bit vulgar. I don’t think anyone can argue that. One of my favorite things about them is how vulgar they are and a continuing theme is their use of the phrase god dammit. So, genius YouTube user, Nikki Potnick (which is NOT the Waitress’ name), […]

  • Just Charlie Kelly Things

    18 Just Charlie Kelly Things

    We all want to be like Charlie Kelly. Charlie is the man. He’s an amazing guy that lives an amazing life with his buddy Frank. Sure, he has his quirks, but there’s a reason he’s a fan favorite. However, I do draw the line at doing certain Charlie Kelly Things. Here is a list of 18 Just […]

  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Paper Dolls

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Paper Dolls – Create Your Own Charlie

    I never played with paper dolls growing up, but as an adult, I have a collection of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia paper dolls on my desk at work. I also have all the bobbleheads. Yes, I am a Sunny Superfan, but once you see these awesome paper dolls, you’re going to want to print […]

  • Wolf Cola A Public Relations Nightmare

    Watch the “Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare” Trailer

    Season 12 is off to a great start and it’s only going to get better. This week’s episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is another Fight Milk episode featuring my two favorite characters, Charlie and Mac. Charlie and Mac have had some amazing episodes together and from the trailer below, I believe Wolf Cola: A Public […]

  • Dee Made a Smut Film

    Charlie doing his Grieco character in Dee Made a Smut Film is hilarious

    I love when Charlie goes into character (Viet God Damn Nam is what happened!) and starts acting like someone else. His Richard Grieco character in Dee Made a Smut Film is one of my favorites because he completely screws up Mac’s plan. His use of “hella” is the only acceptable use and the discussion around his sweet […]

  • Charlie Day is not an Eagles fan


    Charlie Day is NOT an Eagles Fan

    If you’re like me, then you consider yourself one of the biggest It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans of all-time. Because of my love for the show and the characters in it, some might consider me a bit obsessed. Just let the wild card do his thing alright? Needless to say, I was a bit […]

  • Merry Christmas Bitches

    Why Every It’s Always Sunny Fan Should Watch A Very Sunny Christmas This Holiday

    A Very Sunny Christmas is the best episode There has been a lot of debate about which is the best episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and I’d like to put an argument forward that A Very Sunny Christmas is the best episode. Especially at this festive time of the year. Firstly, we all […]

  • Fist Fight Charlie Day Ice Cube

    Charlie and Ice Cube in a Fist Fight?

    Charlie has lined up a pretty awesome new opportunity in a movie called Fist Fight. He’ll play an English teacher who is challenged to a fist fight by a fellow teacher, played by Ice Cube, who thinks Charlie is trying to get him fired. Obviously Ice Cube is going to play a tough guy teacher […]