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  • Charlie Day Selena Gomez

    Conor McGregor + Selena Gomez + Charlie Kelly = Lets Get Weird!

    Turns out Charlie really is a pretty sweet deal! Yesterday, he posted on Instagram and the post has a couple different levels of intrigue. First here is the post… HILARIOUS! Conor is clearly channeling his inner happy ass Charlie and GODDAMNIT…it’s awesome! I’m a big McGregor guy (spoiler: I’m Irish) and now that he’s doing […]

  • Dennis underage drinking

    Sunny Gets Snubbed from Another Emmy: A Tradition Unlike Any Other!

    I recently read an article about how Always Sunny gets snubbed every year from an Emmy. After reading it and agreeing with their points, I still didn’t give a shit. Like at all. Does it suck for them to not be recognized by their industry’s most “prestigious” award? Maybe? A little? NO! If they actually […]

  • Always Sunny Art

    20 Derivative Pieces of Always Sunny Artwork

    It’s crazy considering the fact that probably thousands of pieces of Always Sunny art have been produced since the show started. It’s even crazier to think about how thousands of people have Sunny artwork tattooed on their bodies for the rest of their lives. I attempted to pick out some of the best work I’ve […]

  • Charlie and The Waitress on Instagram

    Get Your IASIP Fix: Charlie and the Waitress on Instagram

    With our favorite show on hiatus for at least 15 more months, I’m on the lookout for anything I can to quench my Sunny thirst. A good place to start for any Always Sunny fan is Charlie and the Waitress’ Instagram accounts. @Charliedayofficial and @Meellisday While Charlie doesn’t post all that much (once every couple […]

  • Charlie Kelly Motivational Posters


    18 Amazing Charlie Kelly Motivational Posters

    Charlie Kelly has said some hilarious things on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Every fan loves Charlie and knows most of his more popular quotes. Well, it turns out if you take Charlie’s quotes like “bird law in this country is not governed by reason” (#14 on our list) and create a motivational poster out of […]

  • The It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang young

    The IASIP Gang When They Were Young

    Every now and then, while I’m looking for pictures of the gang for the site, I run into pictures of the them when they were super young. So, I figured I’d put them all together and let you all see them if you haven’t already. Some of them are pretty ridiculous but they are fun […]

  • Lily's Top 10 Memes

    Lily’s Top 10 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Memes

    Now, I’ve seen many a Sunny meme in my day, so it was pretty difficult to decide which made the top 10. These are in no particular order, but here are some of the Sunny memes that deserve to be in the Sunny Memes Hall of Fame. #10 First there was Frankito, now we have […]

  • Grilled Charlie Ingredients

    How to Make a Grilled Charlie

    First introduced in The Gang Goes Jihad (season 2), the Grilled Charlie is a masterpiece food that everyone needs to learn how to make. Charlie attempted to teach Frank the art of making a Grilled Charlie but almost screws it up. Later on in the show, Frank asks Charlie if he can add rum ham to […]

  • Charlie Kelly gifs

    Charlie…A Gift from the Gif Gods

    One of my favorite things about Charlie Kelly is that he provides me with a gif for literally any situation I run into in life. Here are some of my most used Charlie gifs that I will text or tweet. I’m sure you guys have used them too. I’ll also throw in some other Gifs […]

  • Guy that looks like Charlie Day

    Charlie’s Doppelgänger? Or Brother: Giant Bangs Charlie’s Mom

    Charlie’s family, while a little unorthodox, appears to be quite small. Right? In season 1, it appears that Charlie has younger twin sisters (watch Charlie Got Molested). However, after season 1, we don’t hear anything about any other siblings (except for Dumpster Baby for an episode). Frank is Charlie’s dad and I refuse to hear […]