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  • Who is your favorite member of the gang?

    Favorite Member of the Gang

    Charlie, Frank, Mac, Dennis, and Dee are all amazing characters and the gang wouldn’t be the gang without each of them. However, over the years we’ve all grown found of one particular character. A member of the gang that we think is a little bit more awesome than the rest. Which member of the gang do […]

  • Dennis is insane. We have video proof.

    Dennis Reynolds is insane

    Over the years Dennis Reynolds has gotten more and more disturbing to the point where, while he may not be Donkey Brained, we are pretty sure he is absolutely insane. But really, we love Dennis and his insane moments are some of our favorites (click here to see our others). For example, watch this video of […]

  • The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

    The Dennis System

    The D.E.N.N.I.S. System is a comprehensive approach to seduction created by the Golden God himself, Dennis Reynolds. Dennis has created this system from years of experience and when applied, guarantees success. As Mac said, he has banged a lot of chicks. But how? D – Demonstrate Value E – Engage Physically N – Nurturing Dependence […]

  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Valentine’s Day Cards

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Valentine's Day Cards

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t worry though, we’ve found some AMAZING (and some terrible) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Valentine’s Day cards for you to share with your special someone (or whore you want to wife). Check out all 25 cards below and if you find one you like, hover your mouse over […]

  • Top 10 Dennis Reynolds Moments

    Top 10 Dennis Reynolds Moments

    Dennis has had many amazing moments over the past 9 seasons (and I’m sure many more to come in the next 3+ seasons), but what would you consider his top 10 moments? We have gone through every episode and believe and we found to be the top 10. Your list may be different, but we’re sure […]

  • Dennis is asshole. Why Charlie hate?

    Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games

    A hilarious scene from episode 7 of season 7, Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games, with the gang playing Chardee MacDennis. You may know the answer to the question, but make sure you click through the slides to see Dennis’ face!

  • Four Members of The Gang Are Married In Real Life!

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Marriages

    Did you know that four members of the gang are married to each other in real life? It’s true! Can you guess who? Charlie may be chasing stalking the Waitress on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but he’s actually married to her (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) in real life. They started dating before It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia started […]

  • Top 12 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Tattoos

    #3 - The Implication Boat Tattoo

    We’re pretty serious fans of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but we’ve found at least 12 other people who are much bigger fans than us. Check out the top 12 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia tattoos from the top 12 fans.

  • Charlie: I just got a couple long-range walkie talkies.

    This scene is from episode 4 of season 4 called Mac’s Banging the Waitress. Charlie and Mac are best friends because Charlie has asked Mac to beat up whoever the Waitress’ new boyfriend is. Dennis is not taking it well.