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  • Charlie Day Answers All Your Burning Questions

    It turns out that like me, the entire Internet is infatuated with Charlie Day. WIRED recently sat Charlie down to answer some of the most burning questions people have been typing into Google by checking what shows up in the autocomplete. The video is embedded below and it is definitely worth a watch. Charlie seems […] More

  • birds of war

    Fly Eagles Fly: Rob, Chase and the Bird Are Ready for the Big Game

    Today, Rob tweeted out a video that will have all you lubed pole climbing, battery throwing, Santa booing, psychopaths ready to run through the Berlin Wall! I honestly don’t know what is the best part of this video. The fact that the GODDAMN bird is literally trying to fly away or that Chase Utley is […] More


    Glenn Is Triggered and We Have to Let Him Breathe

    Folks, Glenn is pissed off! I don’t know who he’s pissed at but shit I’m glad it isn’t me. Seems like one of those “Hammer of Thor” moments and I don’t want to be around when it goes down. In an attempt to calm Glenn down, I will address all of his points with you. […] More

  • Danny DeVito M&Ms

    Do You Want to Laugh? Open This and Danny Will Crack You Up!

    As a Bears fan, I could honestly not care any less about this Super Bowl. Once the Pats won, I basically stopped caring about football. I won’t care until right before the draft this spring. The Pats will undoubtedly smash the shit out of the Eagles which leaves us with one saving grace. Commercials! Obviously […] More

  • AP Bio Trailer

    Just In: New A.P. Bio Trailer Is Out, This Show Looks Like a Gift From the Golden God!

    Here we have it folks, the first trailer for Glenn’s new show! Featuring Patton Oswalt, A.P. Bio looks like it will be hilarious with Glenn bringing just enough of our 5 Star Man Dennis, to give it an edge. A preview of the show will come our way on February 1st at 9:30EST immediately following Will and Grace. Then, […] More

  • Danny DeVito got his balls bit by a monkey

    Danny DeVito’s Hilarious Ball Bitting Monkey Story as Only Danny Could Tell It

    First of all…Whats up Obi Wan!?! Care to come back into our lives? Ok. Sorry, I’ve been locked into Star Wars mode since last week and I’m still coming down from it. Gotta think Sunny…GODDAMN SONS OF BITCHES…I’m gonna rise up, gonna kick a little ass. Gonna kick some ass in the USA. Gonna climb […] More

  • Glenn Howerton

    Glenn Hanging out at the Office to Go Through Season 13 Script?

    GODDAMNIT! Right before I was going to start my social media/internet voluntary shut down to avoid Star Wars spoilers, I see this tweet from yesterday. There is a bit to unpack here. First and foremost, Glenn is at the RCG offices. For you science bitches out there, RCG = Rob, Charlie, and Dennis…shit I mean […] More

  • Cricket's New Show with Blake

    Cricket and Blake Anderson (Workaholics) Make a Por…Family Comedy?!?!

    They came first for Charlie, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a King of Rats. Then they came for Dee, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a GODDAMN Bird Bitch. Then they came for Dennis, and didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Golden God or a Five Star Man. Then […] More

  • Letters to Dennis: the People Want Their Golden God Back

    Here at It’s Always, your leader in all things Sunny and GODDAMNIT’s, we receive quite a few messages, emails, and DM’s from fans. Many of these fans do not understand that we are a fan site and actually think we are affiliated with the show. In some cases, fans think that the site is a […] More

  • Charlie Day Has Just 18 Words For Louis CK And His Movie ‘I Love You, Daddy’

    If you’re looking forward to seeing Charlie Day star in “I Love You, Daddy” alongside Louis C.K., you going to be disappointed. The actor cut ties with the film after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced about the movie’s writer and co-star Louis C.K. Day made his feelings clear in a recent interview with L.A Times. Strong […] More

  • Mac and Dee Selling House

    Breaking Implications: Mac and Dee Selling Their LA Home

    So Mac and Dee are selling their home in LA and the implications are giving me a GODDAMN headache, because you know…the IMPLICATION. Apparently, they are trying to sell their Sherman Oaks (no fuckin’ clue where that is) home for for $2,675,000. Folks, thats a lot of dough! Apparently this joint has over 4k square […] More

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