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  • Charlie Day Selena Gomez

    Conor McGregor + Selena Gomez + Charlie Kelly = Lets Get Weird!

    Turns out Charlie really is a pretty sweet deal! Yesterday, he posted on Instagram and the post has a couple different levels of intrigue. First here is the post… HILARIOUS! Conor is clearly channeling his inner happy ass Charlie and GODDAMNIT…it’s awesome! I’m a big McGregor guy (spoiler: I’m Irish) and now that he’s doing […]

  • Trending Hot

    BREAKING NEWS! The Gang is Coming Back!

    Winter is Coming…Shit…DENNIS…IS COMING BACK! I can hardly contain my boyish glee. I’ve already thrown all my spray paint cans and glue away. Tried to wash my huffin’ sock but it didn’t clean up, so I threw that shit out too. No need for them. This all stems from two interviews that the gang have […]

  • Glenn Howerton


    Glenn Howerton: The Greatest Actor of this Generation

    It’s very hard to argue who the funniest character in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is. Everyone has their favorites between Charlie, Mac, Frank, Dennis, and Dee. Most people you ask will say Charlie or Frank, followed by Dennis, Mac, and Dee (Kaitlyn Olson truly doesn’t get enough credit for Dee, see “insert episode”). You […]

  • Frank's Brother

    Frank’s Brother is the Worst Rated Episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    A few months ago, I did an article that talked about how The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell is the worst episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Well, according to IMDb, I was wrong. If you ask the folks on IMDb, Frank’s Brother is the worst rated episode of Always Sunny. When you take […]

  • Danny DeVito Voice

    Danny DeVito to Voice Detective Pikachu?

    Last year, the lovely fans of Always Sunny started a petition on for our beloved Danny DeVito to voice the English version of Great Detective Pikachu, a game launched by Nintendo for the 3DS. Fans wanted it but not only because it would be simply hilarious, but also because a lot of people genuinely believed […]

  • Mac and Dennis In Love

    Mac and Dennis Are In Love

    Over the past 12 seasons, we have had many hints at many different storylines on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. For example, we have always known that Mac is gay. Have you ever noticed how Mac and Dennis are madly in love with each other? There have been many examples of this and we found […]

  • Dennis underage drinking

    Sunny Gets Snubbed from Another Emmy: A Tradition Unlike Any Other!

    I recently read an article about how Always Sunny gets snubbed every year from an Emmy. After reading it and agreeing with their points, I still didn’t give a shit. Like at all. Does it suck for them to not be recognized by their industry’s most “prestigious” award? Maybe? A little? NO! If they actually […]

  • The Implication

    Sunny Horror! It’s All About the Implications

    A few weeks ago I proposed some Always Sunny movies that should be made. One of these movies was about a deranged man who’s dating system leaves him lonely with his ever fleeting sanity (D.E.N.N.I.S.). It was followed up by a sequel called “The Implication” which carried on with the man’s downward spiral into insanity. […]

  • Top IASIP Gifs


    12 Favorite It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gifs

    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gifs scattered throughout the internet. I use them all the time to react to posts on Facebook and Twitter. There’s a scene from Always Sunny that works for pretty much any occasion. So, here is a list of my 12 favorite IASIP gifs. […]

  • Frank Nikki Potnick

    But Her Nametag!: In Support of the Nikki Potnick/Waitress Theory

    If you are a “true” Sunny fan… you are probably already pissed off at me for the mere concept of this article. A seemingly endless argument among Sunny fans is about whether The Waitress’ real name is Nikki Potnick. Although this has been refuted by co-writer and actor Glenn Howerton (twice), discussed on multiple blog […]