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  • Charlie Kelly gifs

    Charlie…A Gift from the Gif Gods

    One of my favorite things about Charlie Kelly is that he provides me with a gif for literally any situation I run into in life. Here are some of my most used Charlie gifs that I will text or tweet. I’m sure you guys have used them too. I’ll also throw in some other Gifs […]

  • Frank Rum Ham Recipe


    Frank’s Official Rum Ham Recipe

    There are several different rum ham recipes created by the fan base of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but did you know that Frank released his own official rum ham recipe? You can find it in the book written by the Gang themselves, The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today. Frank […]

  • Fat Mac

    Fat Mac Has a Point, But Do Characters Really Get Better Looking?

    I miss fat Mac, I miss him so GOD DAMN much! But that is a shit ton of calories. We’re talking like olympic swimmer amount of calories. Offensive Linemen for the Eagles eat less than Fat Mac did and they are all like 6’7” 320lbs. I guess we are just lucky that Rob didn’t have […]

  • Glenn Howerton AMA

    Glenn Howerton Does an AMA and Answers Your Biggest Questions

    A few hours ago, our beloved Glenn Howerton (Dennis) posted 3 of my favorite letters on Twitter… AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, which is exactly what It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans did. Here are 6 of my favorite questions and answers. The Waitress is Nikki Potnik. Yay or nay? The Waitress’ name is […]

  • The Gang Screws Up Rickety Cricket

    The Evolution (Or Devolution) Of Rickety Cricket

    Preist, Street Urchin, Kettle Drum Player, Street Rat, and so much more. Cricket’s story arc might be the most complex and extreme of any character on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. He is one poor soul with so many ailments and looks that it deserves to be looked at again. It all started quite Godly… […]

  • No Earlier Than October 2018…Pass Me The Spray Paint!

    Since the all the rumors started flowing about Glenn leaving the show, season 13 has been in a sort of limbo. Apparently, Glenn is wanting to do something different. With his new show with Patton Oswald (who has become my new biggest enemy, move aside Lawyer) this gives him an opportunity to do something else. […]

  • Guy that looks like Charlie Day

    Charlie’s Doppelgänger? Or Brother: Giant Bangs Charlie’s Mom

    Charlie’s family, while a little unorthodox, appears to be quite small. Right? In season 1, it appears that Charlie has younger twin sisters (watch Charlie Got Molested). However, after season 1, we don’t hear anything about any other siblings (except for Dumpster Baby for an episode). Frank is Charlie’s dad and I refuse to hear […]

  • Go suck an egg

    Rob McElhenney (Mac) Went to the Hospital in Full Blackface and It’s Dee’s Fault

    While filming season 9’s Lethal Weapon 6, actress Kaitlin Olson was hospitalized after sustaining a pretty gruesome injury on set. Olson was filming a scene with her husband and co-creator of the show, Rob McElhenney, when her leg falls through a metal grate on the ground and slices her leg open. Olson explains the incident […]

  • Frank Reynolds vs Danny DeVito: A Political Battle!

    For many of us who follow Danny DeVito on twitter, there has been quite a hilarious contrast to his character, our beloved Frank Reynolds, that has appeared. DeVito has been very politically active on twitter and was seen at democratic socialist (independent) Bernie Sanders’ campaign rallies last election, along with being a vocal critic of Donald […]

  • Gordon Ramsay and Kaitlin Olson

    Gordon Ramsay Almost Burns Sweet Dee…Accident or Ingredient?

    As this video shows, Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) was recently on famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s new show and almost got cooked! At first I thought, “oh what an almost horrible accident!” However, upon further review, I now believe that Chef Ramsay might have been trying to prepare a poultry dish. Lets face it folks, Sweet […]