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  • Season 1 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia


    Who said it? Season 1

    How well do you know season 1 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? Take our 10 question quiz below and find out if you’re a real Sunny fan or not. Beware: we will identify you as a dum-dum if you are one.

  • No Earlier Than October 2018…Pass Me The Spray Paint!

    Since the all the rumors started flowing about Glenn leaving the show, season 13 has been in a sort of limbo. Apparently, Glenn is wanting to do something different. With his new show with Patton Oswald (who has become my new biggest enemy, move aside Lawyer) this gives him an opportunity to do something else. […]

  • Go suck an egg

    Rob McElhenney (Mac) Went to the Hospital in Full Blackface and It’s Dee’s Fault

    While filming season 9’s Lethal Weapon 6, actress Kaitlin Olson was hospitalized after sustaining a pretty gruesome injury on set. Olson was filming a scene with her husband and co-creator of the show, Rob McElhenney, when her leg falls through a metal grate on the ground and slices her leg open. Olson explains the incident […]

  • Milk Steak with Jelly Beans

    How to Make Milk Steak with Jelly Beans

    What is your favorite food? Milk steak. In episode The Waitress is Getting Married (season 5), Dennis and Mac are trying to help Charlie create a dating profile and he tells us a bit about himself…including his favorite food. Of course, later in the episode he orders his favorite food, boiled over hard, with jelly beans…raw. […]

  • Mac Chase Utley

    Mac Writes Chase Utley a Letter and Chase Utley Replies

    As most of you probably remember in season 5’s World Series Defense, Mac writes his favorite baseball player, Chase Utley, a rather questionable love letter, which he hopes Dee will deliver to Chase for him. He makes sure to compliment his hair and shares how he’d love to have a catch with him. The full […]

  • Danny DeVito Almosted Drowned

    Danny DeVito Almost Drowned Filming Season 11 of Always Sunny

    Ever since Danny DeVito decided to join the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang, he’s had to undergo a load of strange situations, from crawling on the ground covered in hand sanitizer to popping out of a couch naked. But there was one particular scene in season 11 that could’ve drowned him. Despite the fact Danny […]

  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Pilot

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    It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Pilot

    This is where it all started. Charlie Has Cancer was the title of the original pilot for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which was originally called It’s Always Sunny on TV. There is some debate on the cost of the original pilot (part of the video is below), but estimates are between $85-200. Of course, […]

  • s12 poll

    Only 67% of Sunny Fans Have Seen Season 12

    Season 12 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia premiered on January 4, 2017 on FXX and ended March 8, 2017. It was a magnificent few months and I really enjoyed season 12. My favorite episode was probably Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare. However, based on a recent poll, it appears that a third (!) of Sunny […]

  • 's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Delayed


    Season 13 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Delayed…

    Gang, I have some bad news. Glenn Howerton (Dennis) and Kaitlin Olson (Dee) have confirmed that season 13 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has been delayed and will not likely air until 2019. We just completed the epic season 12 and now they’re telling us we won’t have any Sunny in 2018? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME […]