From Paddy’s Pub to the Board Game Table: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Monopoly!

Always Sunny Monopoly

For lovers of the zany, unpredictable, and completely irreverent antics of “The Gang”, there’s now a fresh, diabolical twist to your classic board game nights. Dive deep into the world of the longest-running live-action comedy series with MONOPOLY: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

A Familiar Game with a Sunny Spin

This is not your typical Monopoly. Here, you’ll get to buy, sell, and trade iconic locations from the show.

Ever fancied owning Paddy’s Pub or the Prep School? Or how about the den of mischief that is Dennis and Mac’s Apartment? Now’s your chance!

Tokens to Tickle Any Fan

Make your way around the board with the six custom-sculpted tokens – whether you’re team Rum Ham, a lover of Kitten Mittens, a wielder of the Rat Stick, a champion in the Bird of War Hat, a maverick in The Duster, or a Poppins enthusiast, there’s something for every Sunny aficionado.

A Gameplay Packed with In-Jokes

Set up your “Scams” and aim for those “Extreme Makeovers” for maximum board domination. But watch out for the unpredictability of the Dayman and Nightman cards – they might just switch up your strategy! And with custom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia MONOPOLY Money, every transaction is a chuckle.

Real Fans Weigh In

“Ordered from the US to the UK and it came much quicker than expected. Only problem was we got 2 Poppins and no rat basher, but that’s a manufacturing mix up.”

Reviewer, August 13, 2023

Final Thoughts

In a game of treachery, wits, and some classic Always Sunny shenanigans, be the ultimate scoundrel and the last one standing. Suitable for 2-6 players and with a playtime of over an hour, this Monopoly edition is sure to be the centerpiece of many hilarious game nights among fans.

Remember, it’s not just about accumulating riches, but doing so with the most flair!

So, gather The Gang, pop open a cold one from Paddy’s Pub, and delve into the outrageous world of MONOPOLY: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

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