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  • birds of war

    Fly Eagles Fly: Rob, Chase and the Bird Are Ready for the Big Game

    Today, Rob tweeted out a video that will have all you lubed pole climbing, battery throwing, Santa booing, psychopaths ready to run through the Berlin Wall! I honestly don’t know what is the best part of this video. The fact that the GODDAMN bird is literally trying to fly away or that Chase Utley is […] More

  • Mac and Dee Selling House

    Breaking Implications: Mac and Dee Selling Their LA Home

    So Mac and Dee are selling their home in LA and the implications are giving me a GODDAMN headache, because you know…the IMPLICATION. Apparently, they are trying to sell their Sherman Oaks (no fuckin’ clue where that is) home for for $2,675,000. Folks, thats a lot of dough! Apparently this joint has over 4k square […] More

  • Gangly Dee

    The Gang Yelling at Dee…Stupid Bird Can’t Talk Right

    There aren’t a lot of guarantees in life, but “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” delivers at least two regularly: no one ever tries all that hard to be a good person deep inside, at least for more than few minutes at a stretch, and that ‘Sweet Dee’ Reynolds will be called something definitely unsweetened least […] More

  • Charlie and Frank Business Men

    6 Times the Gang Out Business-ed You Dumb Business Bitches

    Okay listen up, you jabronis! You’re probably over there thinking you’re a pretty smart business bitch. You know, you get after it, you jabberjaw, you go tit-for-tat, you win some, I win some, and there’s a mutual respect left over between us. Well, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. While you were over there […] More

  • Always Sunny Art

    20 Derivative Pieces of Always Sunny Artwork

    It’s crazy considering the fact that probably thousands of pieces of Always Sunny art have been produced since the show started. It’s even crazier to think about how thousands of people have Sunny artwork tattooed on their bodies for the rest of their lives. I attempted to pick out some of the best work I’ve […] More

  • The It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang young

    The IASIP Gang When They Were Young

    Every now and then, while I’m looking for pictures of the gang for the site, I run into pictures of the them when they were super young. So, I figured I’d put them all together and let you all see them if you haven’t already. Some of them are pretty ridiculous but they are fun […] More

  • Lily's Top 10 Memes

    Lily’s Top 10 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Memes

    Now, I’ve seen many a Sunny meme in my day, so it was pretty difficult to decide which made the top 10. These are in no particular order, but here are some of the Sunny memes that deserve to be in the Sunny Memes Hall of Fame. #10 First there was Frankito, now we have […] More

  • Gordon Ramsay and Kaitlin Olson

    Gordon Ramsay Almost Burns Sweet Dee…Accident or Ingredient?

    As this video shows, Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) was recently on famous chef Gordon Ramsay’s new show and almost got cooked! At first I thought, “oh what an almost horrible accident!” However, upon further review, I now believe that Chef Ramsay might have been trying to prepare a poultry dish. Lets face it folks, Sweet […] More

  • The Gang Says God Dammit

    The Gang Says God Dammit

    The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang are known to be a bit vulgar. I don’t think anyone can argue that. One of my favorite things about them is how vulgar they are and a continuing theme is their use of the phrase god dammit. So, genius YouTube user, Nikki Potnick (which is NOT the Waitress’ name), […] More

  • Kaitlin Olson It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Audition

    Kaitlin Olson (Dee) Was Amazing in Her Audition for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Dee is a stupid bird. We’re all aware of that and agree 100%. However, Kaitlin Olson, the actress who plays Dee, is a rockstar. Dee’s character was created to give us someone to pick on and because Kaitlin is such a good actress, we’ve fallen for it completely. Here is Kaitlin’s audition tape for when she cast […] More

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