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  • Danny DeVito M&Ms

    Do You Want to Laugh? Open This and Danny Will Crack You Up!

    As a Bears fan, I could honestly not care any less about this Super Bowl. Once the Pats won, I basically stopped caring about football. I won’t care until right before the draft this spring. The Pats will undoubtedly smash the shit out of the Eagles which leaves us with one saving grace. Commercials! Obviously […] More

  • Danny DeVito got his balls bit by a monkey

    Danny DeVito’s Hilarious Ball Bitting Monkey Story as Only Danny Could Tell It

    First of all…Whats up Obi Wan!?! Care to come back into our lives? Ok. Sorry, I’ve been locked into Star Wars mode since last week and I’m still coming down from it. Gotta think Sunny…GODDAMN SONS OF BITCHES…I’m gonna rise up, gonna kick a little ass. Gonna kick some ass in the USA. Gonna climb […] More

  • Danny DeVito Birthday

    It’s Danny Devito’s Birthday and I Want to Give You All Presents!

    There are few people on this Earth that I like more than Danny DeVito. I like him so much that I have his birthday saved in my phone. This morning, I got an alert reminding me it’s time to celebrate his 73 years of existence. That’s right, today is Danny DeVito’s 73rd birthday and I want […] More

  • Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad

    Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad and We Find Out Charlie’s Dad

    One sec guys. I’ll start the article in a second. First, I’m trying to revamp my MySpace page… Looking back at this season 2 episode from August 17, 2006, I’m thoroughly enjoying all the old stuff. MySpace, the old computer, Frank and Charlie, and so much more. Frank finding out he’s not Dennis and Dee’s […] More

  • Charlie and Frank Business Men

    6 Times the Gang Out Business-ed You Dumb Business Bitches

    Okay listen up, you jabronis! You’re probably over there thinking you’re a pretty smart business bitch. You know, you get after it, you jabberjaw, you go tit-for-tat, you win some, I win some, and there’s a mutual respect left over between us. Well, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. While you were over there […] More

  • Danny DeVito Voice

    Danny DeVito to Voice Detective Pikachu?

    Last year, the lovely fans of Always Sunny started a petition on for our beloved Danny DeVito to voice the English version of Great Detective Pikachu, a game launched by Nintendo for the 3DS. Fans wanted it but not only because it would be simply hilarious, but also because a lot of people genuinely believed […] More

  • The It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang young

    The IASIP Gang When They Were Young

    Every now and then, while I’m looking for pictures of the gang for the site, I run into pictures of the them when they were super young. So, I figured I’d put them all together and let you all see them if you haven’t already. Some of them are pretty ridiculous but they are fun […] More

  • Lily's Top 10 Memes

    Lily’s Top 10 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Memes

    Now, I’ve seen many a Sunny meme in my day, so it was pretty difficult to decide which made the top 10. These are in no particular order, but here are some of the Sunny memes that deserve to be in the Sunny Memes Hall of Fame. #10 First there was Frankito, now we have […] More

  • Frank Rum Ham Recipe

    Frank’s Official Rum Ham Recipe

    There are several different rum ham recipes created by the fan base of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but did you know that Frank released his own official rum ham recipe? You can find it in the book written by the Gang themselves, The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today. Frank […] More

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