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Who Reigns Supreme at Paddy’s Pub? A Poll to Determine the Ultimate It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Character!

Always Sunny Gang

Greetings, Nightman comrades and Dayman champions!

Here at, we have a burning question that only the most die-hard fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can answer: Who’s the ultimate character amongst our beloved gang from Paddy’s Pub?

Today, we’re not just chewing the fat about the usual ‘Sunny’ shenanigans; we’re running a poll to find out which character holds the crown in your hearts. So, whether you’re a full-on rum ham enthusiast, or a member of the D.E.N.N.I.S system brigade, we want to hear from you!

Before we dive in, let’s go over our options…


Lovingly referred to as the “wild card” of the gang, Charlie’s eccentricities, questionable hygiene, and undeniable love for The Waitress add a dash of hilarious insanity to the mix. His relentless enthusiasm for catching rats, combined with his talent for creating inexplicably catchy songs (we’re looking at you, Nightman), make Charlie an unforgettable character.


She may be the butt of the gang’s jokes, but Sweet Dee’s unmatched resilience in the face of constant ridicule is truly commendable. Her desperate attempts at acting, her dreadful stand-up comedy, and her audacious schemes provide some of the show’s best comedic moments.


The egotistical and narcissistic, yet strangely compelling, Dennis is famous for his demented, yet oddly effective, D.E.N.N.I.S system. His obsession with his appearance, coupled with his sociopathic tendencies, makes Dennis a key player in the gang’s mayhem.

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Ronald “Mac” McDonald has a complicated relationship with his own identity. His evolution throughout the series – from his pseudo-tough-guy persona to embracing his true self – has been one of the most character-defining journeys in the show. His self-declared role as the “sheriff of Paddy’s” always ensures hilarity ensues.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the deranged father-figure of the gang, Frank. His complete disregard for social norms and his borderline-insane money-making schemes add a level of wild unpredictability to the show that keeps us constantly entertained.

Now, predicting the results of this poll is about as easy as making sense of Charlie’s dream book. However, given the massive fan following that Charlie’s character has due to his bizarre and endearing antics, we wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out on top. But, let’s not forget that each character brings a unique brand of chaos to the table and has their own legion of fans.

So, as we wrap up this character rundown, it’s time to pass the baton to you, loyal patrons of Paddy’s Pub. Who will you crown as the ultimate ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ character? Will Charlie’s illiteracy charm you into voting for him, or will Mac’s ocular pat-downs convince you of his superiority? Is Dennis your Golden God, or is Dee’s resilience your pick? Or perhaps, Frank’s eccentricities are just too irresistible for you to resist?

Time to let your voice be heard! Scroll down to our poll and cast your vote. Who knows, your favorite character might just be the wildcard win we didn’t see coming!

IASIP Favorite Character

Who is your favorite character on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

Make sure to post a comment below as well explaining who you picked and why. Then, you can let everyone else know why they are wrong! 🤣


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  1. Hard choice for me between Charlie and Frank.
    At the end I choose Frank just because Danny makes me laugh since I was little.

  2. Frank can always be counted on to bring a business sensibility to the series. Look no further than Frank’s Fluids LLC. Wolf Cola, official drink of Boko Haram.

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