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The Tragic Trajectory of Rickety Cricket: A Timeline of Transformation on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Tragic Trajectory of Rickety Cricket

Hello to all the Paddy’s Pub loyalists!

Today, we’re shifting our spotlight from the main gang to a character who has had one of the most dramatic character arcs in the series: Matthew Mara, better known as Rickety Cricket.

The show has always been known for its absurd humor and twisted plots, but Cricket’s transformation from a decent, upstanding priest to a street-dwelling, morally compromised derelict is both heart-rending and darkly comedic.

The Early Days:

In the early seasons, Cricket was a man of the cloth. Introduced in the second season’s episode “The Gang Exploits a Miracle“, Cricket is shown as a Catholic priest who abandons his faith after being seduced by his high school crush, Sweet Dee. This marked the beginning of his unfortunate downward spiral, masterminded by the ‘Sunny’ gang.

The Downfall:

Over the course of the series, the gang’s continued meddling has had catastrophic effects on Cricket’s life. Let’s rewind to some key moments:

  • In “Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City“, Cricket’s legs are broken by Dee and Dennis when he’s accidentally caught up in their vigilante justice stint.
  • In “Mac and Dennis: Manhunters“, we see Cricket being hunted by Mac and Dennis as a part of their sadistic game, further pushing him to the edge of his sanity.
  • Perhaps one of the most iconic Cricket episodes, “A Cricket’s Tale“, showcased a day in his horrifying life, including eating lemons out of the garbage and being attacked by a dog, resulting in a mangled face.

The constant barrage of abuse, both physical and psychological, leaves Cricket unrecognizable from his early days as a priest.

Possible Comeback:

Now, we know that ‘Sunny’ thrives on the despicable and the absurd, but what if Cricket were to make a comeback? What if, in a surprising twist of fate, he somehow manages to pull his life together?

The potential storylines are intriguing: Could Cricket find his faith again and use it to better his life? Or, perhaps he starts a successful business, capitalizing on his experiences from the streets? Imagine the gang’s surprise – and dare we say, discomfort – when they encounter a transformed, confident Cricket who has risen above the ruin they had caused.

The reintroduction of a successful Cricket would definitely add an interesting dynamic to the group and potentially even force the gang to reflect on their actions – although knowing the gang, self-reflection might be a long shot!

Cricket’s journey has been a harsh one, full of trials that make you wonder just how much one man can take. The unwavering resilience in the face of his rapid downfall is as impressive as it is tragic. His story is a cautionary tale of how the gang’s actions can drastically change someone’s life – in this case, not for the better.

However, in a world as unpredictable as ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, who knows what the future holds for our beleaguered Cricket? Here’s to hoping for a redemption arc in the upcoming seasons!

As always, stay sunny folks!

🦗 Discussion Topic:

We’ve had our say, now it’s time for yours! What do you think about Cricket’s potential comeback? How do you envision his redemption arc unfolding, and how do you think the gang would react to a transformed, successful Cricket? Could there be a glimmer of regret or even a hint of self-reflection from the gang?

Share your thoughts, predictions, and wild theories in the comments section below. Let’s get the conversation started! 👇


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  1. I’m sorry I don’t usually make comments but how on earth can an it’s always sunny fan website get so many things just so blatantly wrong? Cricket does not get his legs broken by Dennis is dee in the “Bums” episode. He’s not even in that episode. He gets them broken by the mafia after the gang blames him for “forcing himself” on the mob bosses wife. He also does not get attacked by a dog in a crickets tale, he gets high on PCP and makes out with a dog thinking it’s a woman. I’m sure there’s more things wrong with this article and this website in general but I’m too frustrated to dive further an

  2. 1st of all, LOVE! The show! I remember when it started with a contest on FX! Eventhough apparently no one else does! (I did NOT make this up, crazy as I may be) I admittedly am not caught up past 10 (new man, new “viewing habits”, both love the show. Just no tv now) so I am not certain where we left Cricket last. All I know is without hips and nips I ain’t eating! And I think I feel (feelings, those are a thing, right?) that the gang would need to HELP cricket come back from any success he may find, citing his obvious unhappiness with his newfound self-righteousness. He’d clearly be beggin

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