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Get Your Paddy’s Pint Ready! It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 Promises More Side Characters and Classic Philly Antics

Heyo, fellow Sunny fans! It looks like we’ve got some juicy news about season 16 of our beloved show. It’s already clear that the new season will fix one of the major criticisms of season 15, which is great news for us!

Despite the slightly faltering season 15, we know the next batch of episodes is sure to bring us more wacky antics from our favorite gang of offensive Philadelphians. It’s been going strong since 2005, so we can expect nothing less!

Normally, we get new seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia every year, but season 15 came out two years after season 14. And let’s be real, season 15 was a bit all over the place. It spent most of its time telling an overarching narrative that took place in Ireland, and while it covered a lot of topics, it pushed something else to the side.

That’s right, my friends. Season 15 had a major lack of side characters, with the eclectic cast of Philadelphians getting fewer appearances than ever before. We barely saw the McPoyle family, Rickety Cricket, Bill Ponderosa, or any of the other staples. Even the Waitress only got occasional appearances. Overall, we needed more side characters, and it looks like season 16 is here to give us what we want!

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Rob McElhenney (aka Mac) recently posted an image on Twitter showing a bowling team consisting of Dee and three side characters: the Waitress, Artemis, and Gail the Snail. This is a fantastic sign that the side characters will be getting more use in season 16. And who knows, we might even see other side characters make an appearance too!

Now, let’s talk about why season 16 needs to stay in Philadelphia. Don’t get me wrong, Charlie’s Ireland story in season 15 was fun, but our show is at its best when the gang is getting into trouble in their hometown. Season 15 barely had any of that, featuring multiple episodes that took place in Ireland and two episodes almost entirely consisting of flashbacks. Yawn.

Sticking to Philadelphia has its perks too! Firstly, it means that the show will be able to use side characters more without having to explain their appearances. Secondly, it means that the season will probably be more laid back than the story-heavy season 15. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 15 wasn’t terrible, but season 16 definitely has some room to improve.

So, fellow fans, get ready for more wild and offensive shenanigans from our favorite gang in season 16!


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  1. Anything Rob Mcelhenney touches or recommends throughout his time creating the show has been the fans least favorite, He is always trying to change the show and push narratives that dont fit with what the show has done so well, be original. If you listen to the podcast you can tell how much of a pompous, rich hollywood dickhead he has become, damn shame because you can tell he and Charlie are at odds a lot about what the show should be and I believe most fans side with Charlie Day. Keep it original and add small subtle changes to test the waters not these huge swings and misses, sorry Rob bu

    • Thank you

      It seems like he’s acquired this hubris that’s now being heavily influenced by the Hollywood mindset. Which is usually hard-left takes.

      I remember an earlier podcast episode where Megan and Glenn were discussing something, and Rob takes it upon himself to try and be the white knight for Megan, and create this Man vs. Woman dynamic out of the topic, only for Megan AND Glenn both to correct him, then seem confused as to why he even said something like that.

      It’s really disappointing.

    • We must be watching a different podcast because none of the things you wrote are true. In fact all of your comment is complete made up gibberish.

  2. I think it’s a bit of a tight wire act by this point. You want to try and be fresh after all these years, but still be funny. Also, they try to experiment here and there for a change of pace. While some of those attempts might fall flat, —like noir episode, they’ve certainly earned the right to occasionally go out on a limb.
    My only real complaint about season 15 was that it was a measly 8 episodes, and I get the feeling they’ll stick with that number until it gets shrunk down to 6, which is a bit sad. I’m not asking for 15 eps a year, but hey, if you’re going to take a year off, then only d

  3. Love me some side action! Love the women! Artemis, Gail, bird, waitress, and if you all could please somehow bring Roxy back to life. She was a good hooor. Thanks baby dicks!

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