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Charlie’s Twitter Fiasco: When Elon Musk Killed Twitter and Broke Charlie’s Heart

Charlie Twitter

Disclaimer: The following is not a real episode script for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16. However, it’s an idea that would make for an awesome episode.

Fade in:


The gang is sitting at the bar, scrolling through their phones.

Charlie: (excitedly) Hey guys, have you heard of this thing called Twitter?

Dennis: (sarcastically) Oh yeah, Charlie. It’s only been around for like, 15 years.

Charlie: (ignoring Dennis) Well, I just signed up for it and it’s pretty cool. I can follow all my favorite birdwatchers and keep up with the news.

Dee: (skeptical) I don’t know, Charlie. Twitter is full of trolls and bots. It’s a cesspool of negativity.

Mac: (defensively) Hey, I use Twitter to follow my favorite MMA fighters. It’s a great way to stay connected to the sport.

Frank: (gruffly) I don’t need Twitter. I’ve got my own social media platform – Frankbook. It’s way better than anything Mark Zuckerberg could come up with.

Suddenly, Charlie’s phone buzzes with a notification.

Charlie: (reading the notification) What the hell? Twitter is shutting down?

Dennis: (smugly) Looks like Elon Musk finally made it go bankrupt.

Charlie: (panicked) But I just joined! I haven’t even had a chance to tweet anything yet.

Dee: (sarcastically) Oh no, Charlie. What are you going to do without your precious birdwatchers?

Mac: (optimistically) Don’t worry, Charlie. There’s always Facebook and Instagram.

Frank: (gruffly) Or you could just use Frankbook. I’ve got all the social media features you need – friends, photos, and a “piss off” button.

Charlie: (defeated) I don’t want Frankbook. I wanted Twitter. This sucks.

Dennis: (smugly) Welcome to the world of social media, Charlie. Where everything is fleeting and temporary.

Dee: (sarcastically) Yeah, just like your dreams and aspirations.

Mac: (optimistically) But don’t worry, Charlie. Twitter might come back someday. And until then, you can always watch birds the old-fashioned way – with a pair of binoculars.

Charlie: (resigned) I guess you’re right, Mac. It’s not the end of the world. But it still sucks.

Frank: (gruffly) Don’t worry, Charlie. I’ll always have Frankbook. And I’ll never abandon you like Elon Musk did to Twitter.

Charlie: (sighing) Thanks, Frank. I appreciate that.

The gang raises their glasses in a toast.

Gang: To social media – may it never die.

Fade out.

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  1. I read this and swear I could hear everyone speaking their parts like I was actually watching this lol

    Anyways, would be an awesome cold open for sure. I could see it now, “The Gang Kills The Social Media” or something along those lines. I would watch it for sure!

  2. I just played the whole scene in my head I’d love the episode, I’m a sunny die hard and have every season on dvd

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