The Official Always Sunny Fan Band and You Should Know Them…Portugal. The Man

They Are the Best Thing Since Sliced RUMHAM

There is a long list of celebrities and uber talented people who love Always Sunny, maybe even as much as we do…actually…probably not because if the show doesn’t come back then I might have to find the cheapest spy van (not a rape van) available and cut the brakes so I can fall into a crevasse. Celebrities like Robin Williams (RIP you GODDAMN legend), Samuel Jackson, Sean Penn, and Bella Thorne (Who wants to be Charlie’s nightmare really bad, apparently) just to name a few.

But when it comes to musicians there can only be one official IASIP Fan Band and its not even close. Portugal. The Man has been around for about the same amount of time as Always Sunny and they are YUGE fans. They have covered our favorite song and most likely the song that gets played at my wake, Dayman, a shit ton and its almost as angelic as Charlie’s rendition.

Imagine Charlie singing Dayman at Red Rocks…ok now imagine him with a dope ass band with a dude with stupid good vocals…you now have yourself Portugal. The Man’s cover of Dayman at Red Rocks (as seen above).

But it does not stop there. Dennis (or as some people who are less obsessed with the show than I call him Glenn with two N’s) has been featured in their most recent music video that and it’s pretty awesome.

Dennis even teamed up with the band for a hilarious video that all IASIP fans will 100% appreciate. Also, this was basically the a carbon copy of the Trump vs. Macron handshake a few weeks ago (Dennis=Macron).

Some idiots think that since Dennis is doing other things that aren’t just filming Always Sunny, that he’s officially done with the show. That is ridiculous!!!! What, do you have a Dee brain (bird brain)? If anything, taking time to do other shit will refresh Dennis so the show can go on past 12 seasons…hoping for at least 20 seasons!

So here you have it the Official Always Sunny Fan Band…Portugal. The Man (you totally don’t even have to be a hipster to enjoy them either…just damn good music)

Whole lot of Jameson being consumed! That is something I can get behind! Can’t wait to see them when they come my way in August!



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