Episode Idea: The Gang Rolls a Gutterball

We’ve seen a sneak peek at one of the episodes in the upcoming season 16 featuring the ladies of Always Sunny at a bowling alley.

So, we thought, why not write an episode idea from this?

Here it is…

The Gang Rolls a Gutterball: Their Misadventures in Owning a Bowling Alley

The episode opens with the gang sitting around Paddy’s Pub, bored and looking for something to do. Mac suggests they go bowling, but Charlie points out that there’s no bowling alley nearby. This sparks an idea in Dennis, who declares that they should buy their own bowling alley.

The gang sets off to find a bowling alley for sale, but they quickly realize that buying a business is harder than they thought. Frank suggests they look for a cheap, run-down alley that they can fix up themselves. They eventually find a place called Lucky Lanes, which is in terrible shape but is being sold for a surprisingly low price.

The gang decides to buy Lucky Lanes, and they quickly realize that they have no idea how to run a bowling alley. They try to hire a manager, but they quickly scare away all of the candidates with their bizarre behavior. Eventually, they decide to manage the place themselves.

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The gang’s first day at Lucky Lanes is a disaster. Charlie tries to fix the broken pinsetter, but ends up breaking it even more. Dee tries to run the snack bar, but she burns all the food and makes a mess of the kitchen. Dennis tries to charm the customers, but he only succeeds in making them uncomfortable.

Frank, meanwhile, has other plans for Lucky Lanes. He decides to turn the back room into a gambling den, complete with slot machines and card games. The gang is initially hesitant, but they soon become addicted to the thrill of gambling.

As the days go by, the gang becomes more and more invested in Lucky Lanes. They start to take pride in the alley, and they even start to improve the place little by little. They fix the pinsetter, clean up the snack bar, and even start to attract more customers.

However, their success is short-lived. The authorities eventually catch wind of Frank’s illegal gambling operation, and they shut down Lucky Lanes. The gang is forced to sell the place, but they’re left with nothing to show for their efforts except a broken pinsetter and a lot of debt.

In the end, the gang is back where they started, bored and looking for something to do. Mac suggests they go bowling, but Charlie reminds them that they no longer have a bowling alley. Dennis, however, has already moved on to his next big idea.

How do you think the gang will use the bowling alley in the actual episode? Post your ideas in the comments below!

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